Drawings (2003 - 2008) > Histocompabilitiy


Total of twenty drawings
Graphite and typewriter ink on U.S. Army College Textbook
12 ½” x 10” each

Histocompability series juxtaposes drawings inspired by a scientific lab catalog with the found U.S. Army College textbook pages. I was interested in encryption and my inability to fully understand the content in both science and military texts. The U.S. Army College textbooks were from the early 60s. The drawings I made were inspired by cutting-edge scientific equipment and tools.

I typed the product information of each equipment/tool that I based on from a Fisher Scientific Equipment catalog. The product information typed with a manual typewriter blends in with existing texts on the Army textbook pages, creating new and suggestive associations between science/technology and military strategy.

Histocompabilitiy. A state of immunologic similarity or identity of tissues sufficient to permit successful homograft (allograft) transplanation; implies identity of histocompability genes in donor and recipient with respect to the particular tissue.