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Trees (2050), August 2, 2021, Turkey (Wildfires)
Trees (2050), August 2, 2021, Turkey (Wildfires)
Mineral pigment on Arches paper

"The animals are on fire," 56-year-old resident, Muzeyyan Kacar, told CNN. "Everything is going to burn. Our land, our animals and our house. What else do we have anyway?"

In the nearby village of Kacarlar, residents are grappling with seeing homes they built by hand burn to the ground.

Two firefighters died battling the blazes on Saturday, according to the Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.

The ministry said that 111 fires have burned across the country since Wednesday, while six fires are still burning in three different cities as of Sunday.

The wildfires come as parts of western Europe have battle severe flooding in recent weeks.

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