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Intueri is the Latin word which means “to look inside” or “to contemplate.” It is also the origin of the word, “intuition.”

The term intuition is used to describe "thoughts and preferences that come to mind quickly and without much reflection.” In "Intueri" series, my process is very intuitive. I start out with one or two small images of organs or intestines on the paper using a fine point pen. Then, I keep the image growing to create a microcosmic world that is dense with intestines, organs and plant forms. It invites viewers “to contemplate” or “to look inside” within this complex world. Tangled up intestines and organs create a web-like environment, neither caught nor free but all connected to one another. To see what’s happening in this world, you need to let your mind wonder for a long time, and then you realize you are looking inside of the living mechanisms that are pulsing and breathing.

Photo: Clements/Howcroft Photography

Intueri I
Intueri I
Mineral pigment, micro pigment pen and walnut ink on paper
30"x 22"