Naoe Suzuki
2016-2017 (work in progress)
Archival pigment print on vellum and Tyvek, 120”x 24” each
Installation size variable

This work was created during the Artist in Residence at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in 2016-2017. The images were based on traced writings from the whiteboards which were scanned and farther manipulated in Photoshop.

These whiteboards get erased once a week at Broad Institute. The writings were ephemeral—ideas and thoughts disappearing as quickly as they were poured out onto the whiteboard. I began to regard my activities as data gathering and preserving the traces left behind.

The density of the marks created by the layering of several sheets of vellum papers made me think of the magnitudes of cumulative data. But as I added more, the originals became less legible. Lines, shapes, and words came to exist as a part of a larger complex system—a system that was based on ideas and knowledge.

Watch the video at Broad Institute.