Naoe Suzuki
Elegantly drawn, meticulously rendered, and beautifully conceived, Suzuki’s work seduces, titillates, and provokes. At first glance, lush flora and flowing water abound, but get up close, and you’ll be instantly drawn into hybrid worlds filled with intestines, medical instruments, discarded technology, and detritus of all kinds. These ecosystems would seem other-worldly, if they weren’t so familiar. Just as with the planet’s actual contaminate landscapes Suzuki’s worlds are simultaneously both luscious and lost, both gorgeous and ghastly. Her drawings offer a commentary on the complexity of our times and on the contradictions inherent in something as simple and life-sustaining as water. Suzuki’s work has all the qualities that make for great art: substantive content, flawless craftsmanship, and exquisite beauty.

Michele L’Heureux
Former Curator
Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University
Gallery Director
Wheaton College Art Gallery

Artist's Bio

See my website in Japanese.